WSVN — Miami is Swimming in fashion. When it comes to what’s hot for 2014, the trend is “swim at your own risk.”

Fashion expert Stacey Galbut: “There are no rules anymore.”

Experts say it’s all about daring to mix and match your suit.

Stacey Galbut: “Mix and match and patchwork is huge this season. A polka dot top or a printed bottom, animal print. La Belle Rebelle is a huge fan of mixing and matching. You can actually buy the pieces separately. L Space is doing it with animal print and patchwork and kind of different stitching.”

Children can also make a splash with the local swimwear line, Sweet Lola kids.

Melissa Martinez: “2014 we are bringing out an eclectic mix of patterns such as paisley, mosaics and nauticals. All mixed in with solid colors, such as pinks, turquoise and oranges. We wanted to mimic the adult fashion but keeping it really child appropriate and making it really fun and girlie.”

When it comes to color next season, neon is being toned down.

Stacey Galbut: “The new thing is neon pastel. So, what you think pastel would be, it’s a little bit brighter. With Peixoto, neon pastel is going to be a hint in the braid.”

Tribal prints are still on beat.

Stacey Galbut: “Lots of designers are coming out with aztecs. We saw it with L Space they did a fuschia bathing suit with a little subdued geometric print. Then we saw them also do a huge geometric print that was bold and all over the bikini. Poko Pano is coming out with a geometric bottom. Not so much in the top and kinda breaking up a little bit.”

Good news for those who want to cover up 2014 means more high-waisted bottoms and one piece bathing suits that are sexy, but sweet.

Stacey Galbut: “We are seeing it with La Belle Rebelle with kind of a boy cut one piece. With L Space we’re seeing it with a controlled ruffle, there’s laser cut in it, it’s kind of making it a little bit sweeter, an update on fringe.”

The swimwear line Toxic Sadie by local designer Erin Thomas has been featured in Sports Illustrated before and her 2014 suits are made for those who want to be a beach bombshell.

Erin Thomas: “Cut-outs in a different way you haven’t seen before. I really got inspired by all the art deco buildings. So, I thought I would bring that architecture into my swimsuits to accentuate a woman’s curves.”

And her strappy suits can be worn in different ways.

Erin Thomas: “I like to give women options so they can twist the straps all around or wear it very simply.”

Since swimsuits are the uniform of South Florida, 2014 is sure to sizzle.

Remember these are 2014 swimsuits. So a lot of these swimsuits won’t be available until next year.

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