WSVN — Texas, North Carolina, Kansas City, they're known for serving up some of the best barbecue, but Miami might be putting itself on that smoky map.

John Jones, Jr.: "Jim Beam, ribs, and chicken wings."

That's what you can expect at Jonathan Eismann's new restaurant Q American Barbecue in the Design District. Just like it's name, the food is inspired by BBQ styles from all over the U.S.

Jonathan Eismann, Executive Chef, Q American Barbecue: "We've taken parts of spare ribs, dry drubbed Kansas City Sweet baby backs, pit roasted chicken, more of a Texas style, and have various different styles of BBQ on the menu to bring together what we're calling American BBQ."

It's pretty much an entire wood burning kitchen, so that flavor is in everything from the ribs, chicken, pulled pork and wings.

Karl Scholz: "I'm from Austin, Texas. I love BBQ, but these are some of the best ribs I've ever had. They are very flavorful. They were very hot when they came out."

John Jones: "The baby back ribs, right where they needed to be."

Karl Scholz: "The wings were delicious. We finished them in record time."

Just try to keep it clean.

Karl Scholz: "I got a guy next to me in a sweater and he hasn't even got any BBQ sauce on it. guy I'm a professional."

Don't miss fixins like collard greens from Georgia, cole saw, and pit beans.

Jonathan Eismann: "The pit beans are killer. Pinto beans and molasses and some other special things."

You can mosey up to the bar for shots or drinks.

Tyler Elliott: "I got the Kentucky lemonade, it has three whiskeys in it, but very little lemonade, which is how it should be. My glass is empty."

And several nights a week enjoy live music with a twang.

Jonathan Eismann: "We have Southern Rock 'n Roll, we have soul music, we have bluegrass, so it's something that fits the style of the place."

For a real pit stop, the high-end catering company A Joy Wallace is now serving up mouthwatering BBQ on Fridays in the Falls area.

Mari Bueno: "We're here at our facilities from 11 to 7 p.m."

Mark Mills: "I come here pretty much every Friday. Five minutes you're in and out."

You can stop by their smoker and pick up anything from ribs to pulled pork.

Curtis Richardson, Joy Wallace Catering: "We have smoked St. Louis cut, Memphis-style spare ribs. We smoke our chicken wings, which is a little twist in chicken wings."

Their meats are smoked for five to seven hours and their smoker can truly cook!

Curtis Richardson: "It will literally cook 2,000 pounds of meat at one time."

Robert Birenbaum, Customer: "The ribs are one the best in town, they're very smoky and they're very dry."

Looks like Miami is finally right on q.

A Joy Wallace will also bring their smoker and throw you a backyard BBQ.


Q American Barbeque4029 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33137, USA305-227-2378

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