Bar Lab

From garden to glass is gonna be a great night: That is, if you love a good cocktail and soulful seafood. Chef Emeril Lagasse will host the event at the Miami Beach, Botanical Gardens. And bartenders from Bar Lab will serve up sinful drinks. Tonight with Adam and Eve's permission — we're passing on the apple, for this party preview. It's a place where it's okay — to shake it.Wack it and stir it. GABRIEL ORTA: "It's formally known as the Indian Creek hotel. It's now called the Freehand Hotel. It's actually a hostel."From a hotel to a hostel hidden in the back of freehand — is one of Miami's best kept secrets. GABRIEL ORTA: "The name of this bar is called the Broken Shaker."The guys at the Broken Shaker also known as the Bar Lab are beveraging up this years Sobe Wine And Food Festival.   GABRIEL ORTA: "It's usually the burger bash, bubble q, it's the first time we're doing a cocktail driven event, about cocktails about mixology."It's called "Garden To Glass". Featuring all fresh ingredients.  GABRIEL ORTA: "We're going to do it in the botanical gardens. we have a beautiful space. Emeril Lagasse is going to be the host of the party and we're going to bring in a whole bunch of bartenders, celebrity bartenders from all over the country, the world and they're going to shake drinks with us."Featured drinks at the event without a features reporter come on first up: The agava fairy. Tequilla, lime juice, fresh agava, red pepper juice, red peppers, herbs, ice, shake & garnish. Man i'm good. Actually gab is.GABRIEL ORTA: "We're making a rum old fashion."Rum, caroway syrup with agava, bitters and weeds: aka – herbs, you wack.   Wacking the weed releases its oils. Cube it, stir & garnish, an orange makes it refreshing. Shireen: "What is the key to being a good bartender?" GABRIEL ORTA: "Hospitality. it's all about being the host of your party, making sure your guests are having a good time."And that's exactly what "Garden To Glass" sounds like a good time. Cheers! To mother nature. By the way, freehand is pretty cool, too it's not your granmother's hostel: That's for sure. It features group & single rooms, with most portantly, private bathrooms. In the meantime, speaking of eating & drinking: Key West hosted it's annual Food And Wine Festival over the weekend. Deco was able to go to the shrimp boil — you know how louis feels about shrimping.There was live music and shrimp served every way possible – eat your heart out bubba gump and "duval uncorked" was fun with a mile long  wine tasting & food sampling unfortunately, we missed the coconut bowling event. There's always next year.