Producer: Mailyn MundyThe Chef: "Bee"The Restaurant: Khong River HouseThe Dish: Bahmi Sua

Ingredients for Bahmi Sua:

8 oz. of egg noodles4 oz. of chopped mixed vegetables (white and purple cabbage, chinese broccoli, broccoli, cauliflower, white onion and garlic chives)2 oz. of thin soy sauce mixed with 1/2 tsp of sugar1 tsp of peanuts, crushed1 tsp of roasted chili powder1 tsp of sugar

Method of Preparation:

-Start by blanching the vegetables in boiling water. The vegetables can be found at local Asian markets.

-Then, blanch egg noodles in boiling water and strain.

-Mix the egg noodles with the vegetables in a hot wok with a little oil. You can also use a saute pan.

-Finish with a little thin soy sauce that has been previously mixed with sugar. Thin soy is a light Japanese soy sauce.

To Plate:

Serve the noodles and the vegetables. Then, on the side Chef Bee recommends a little sugar, roasted chili powder and crushed peanuts.

Serves: 1-2

Serving Suggestion: Killer Bee

Khong River House1661 Meridian Ave.Miami Beach, FL 33139(305)

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