Bahamas choir vans targeted during South Florida trip

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (WSVN) — A trip for a college choir group visiting South Florida started off on the wrong note when their travel vans were broken into. 
The group of 31 students and four professors with the College of the Bahamas Concert Choir are on tour and wanted to bring a little island flavor to South Florida on their own dime, but they didn’t anticipate the burglary, Wednesday night. "We’re kind of disappointed about what happened," said choir member Sternmon Rolle. 

The group was on their way back to their hotel in Plantation after a concert in Orlando. They stopped around 10 p.m. at the Dave and Busters at Oakwood Plaza, but when they came out around 1 a.m., someone had made off with important items, even their uniforms. "A couple things taken out the vans that we were in," said choir member Courtney Newbold, "passports and things like that."

7News caught up with the choir after they received replacement travel documents at the Bahamian Consulate. "We’re finishing what we set out to do," Rolle said, "even though the sad thing happened."

At the consulate, the group got together their paperwork, so they could go home as planned on Sunday.

Hollywood Police are now on the hunt for that thief, but these choir members know the show must go on. "We’re just focusing on the positive," Newbold said. 

"We’re trying to finish the goal of what they came for, which is to have our concert," Rolle said.

The parking lot where the vans were located did not have security cameras, so Hollywood Police don’t have a good description of the thief or thieves. They also said they won’t know what was taken and how much it was all valued at until the group goes home and sends back a detailed list with serial numbers.