WSVN — Do you have leftover school supplies? Don’t toss them. Decorate with them. Makeover maestro Martin Amado is here to teach us how.

Martin Amado: “Hi! Today we’re getting creative getting ready for back to school. It’s just around the corner. We’re turning school supplies that your kids might not need any more into functional decor for their bedroom.”

Martin Amado: “Alright Meghan. So, I see you have lots of crayons and rubber bands in here. So, the first project is to turn the crayons into a decorative container for your bedroom. Can you guess how?”

Meghan: “How?”

Martin Amado: “Well, we’re going to attach them to the outside of this tin can. Let me show you how.”

Meghan: “Yay!”

Martin Amado: “So the first step is to attach the double-sided foam tape to the outside of this container and it will give us a surface to glue all the crayons around.”

Martin Amado: “Last one!”

Meghan: “There!”

Martin Amado: “Amazing! This looks great already. Now, we’re going to take the rubber bands and attach them to the bottom, which will not only create a decorative border, but also secure the crayons even more.”

Martin Amado: “And there you go Meghan. You did a great job.”

Meghan: “Looks great!”

Martin Amado: “So, what if we turn these books into shelving here in your bedroom?”

Meghan: “That would be awesome!”

Martin Amado: “And, that’s the second project and you’re going to help me.”

Meghan: “Yay!”

Martin Amado: “The idea is fairly simple. We take your textbook, some corner brackets, attach them to the bottom and it goes directly on the wall. Now, we can get a bit more creative by using gift wrapping paper to personalize the books and match them to your bedroom’s decor. So, that’s what we’re going to do.”

Meghan: “That’s going to be pretty.”

Martin Amado: “Cool.”

Martin Amado: “We want to make sure we have enough paper to cover the entire book. So, what you want to do is open the book and measure the width and the length and then add four inches all the way around.”

Martin Amado: “Good job Meghan! Love it!”

Meghan: “It looks great! It doesn’t even look like a book.

Martin Amado: “Now, let’s graduate to our third project of the day. I see you have a lot of bookbags. The idea is to take an old one, attach it to the wall and give you more organization in your space. In order to do that Meghan, I have to cut off the straps because I want the surface to be flush against the wall. Can I use this one or do you have another one?”

Meghan: “I actually have a better one.”

Martin Amado: “I like this one! Awesome!”

Martin Amado: “I had a piece of plywood cut at a home improvement store and it’s exactly the same dimensions as the interior of the bookbag.”

Martin Amado: “Alright Meghan, so we did three projects in one day using all the stuff you have and I’m going to give you an A plus.”

Meghan: “Thank you!”

Martin Amado: “Thank you so much for all of your help.”

Meghan: “Thank you!”

Martin Amado: “I’m Martin Amado and I’m Meghan McCarty and this is Room For Improvement. Until next time!”

Need a little change in a room? Email martin for help at room@wsvn.Com or give him a call at 305-576-HOME or 954-962-HOME.


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