The Chef & Owner: Juca OliveiraThe Restaurant: Tutto's MareThe Dish: Bacalao Portuguesa


2 lbs. of fresh cod1 Idaho potato, cubed2 Tbs. of extra virgin olive oil2 garlic cloves, sliced1 small onion, sliced1 tomato, cubed1 Tbs. of scallions, chopped1 Tbs. of fresh parsley, choppedsea salt and pepper, to taste1/2 cup of dry white wine1/2 cup of tomato sauce4 cups of cooked white rice

Method of Preparation:

-Start by peeling and dicing potatoes. Then, cook the potatoes in boiling water for about five minutes. Do not let them get too soft.

-Next, prepare the sauce. Sauté garlic, onion, tomato, scallions and parsley in a hot pan with olive oil.

-After, toss in olives, the cooked potatoes, oregano, salt and pepper.

-Now, season the fresh cod with sea salt and pepper and let the fish cook in the sauce.

-Then, pour in a little dry white wine and tomato sauce.

-Finish cooking the fish in a 400 degree oven for about eight minutes.

To Plate:

Serve the cod with a side of white rice. You can garnish with parsley.

Serves: 4

Serving Suggestion: Caipirinha


Take a printed copy of the recipe to the restaurant and get a complimentary glass of prosecco. (Valid for one month after the air date.)

Tutto's Mare2525 SW 3rd AveMiami, FL

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