Art Party

WSVN — Proud moms and dads love hanging their kid's artwork on the fridge, but now two local moms are taking that a step further.

Gloria Mallardi of Wee-Words: "One day, Caren and I were doing art with our children, and we decided, wouldn't it be cool if we turned their art into personalized stationery for them?"

Gloria and Caren run a stationery company called Wee-Words. They'll take your child's creations and turn them into anything from thank you notes to Valentine's Day cards.

Caren Horvitz of Wee-Words: "You cannot find a piece of stationery out there like this at all. It's completely original."

Here's the idea: they'll come to your next play date and bring all the supplies for an art party. Children of any age can join in the fun.

Gloria Mallardi: "For little ones, we'll do hand prints or foot prints. Even the toddlers that are scribbling, that's organic. It's totally adorable. And then with the older kids, of course, they tend to go to the markers or crayons. Sometimes we'll use sponge paintings."

The kids have a blast letting their imagination run wild, coloring, stamping and finger painting.

Courtney Ortiz, parent: "My kids had a great time. They love painting. The best part is I don't have to clean it up."

Parents get to pick out their favorite piece.

Gabriela Urvaez: "It's something abstract, you know. It's her favorite colors most of all."

And then Wee-Words goes to work. They scan the artwork and design the stationery cards.

Gloria Mallardi: "We don't do a lot of design work on these particular pieces, because we really want it to stay organic. I mean, the whole idea and concept is, it's the child's artwork."

They can even add your child's photo.

Caren Horvitz: "What we'll do is we'll take the child's artwork and put it together with the photograph, and then it becomes super-personalized."

Courtney Ortiz: "I know my mother's birthday is coming up, and what better gift than our kids' art."

So the art of being young is captured forever.

Belkys Nerey: "Wee-Words does not charge for the art play dates. They simply charge $1 a card, with a ten to twelve card minimum."