Does your child have a certain flair for the fine arts? If holding a paint brush is second nature to them, there’s a creative camp worth checking out this summer. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in today’s Parent to Parent.

WSVN — Kids can hone their artistic skills this summer at the Auto-Nation Academy of Art and Design in Fort Lauderdale.

Director and Chief Curator Bonnie Clearwater: “They get intensive art studies in different types of projects, either watercolor, collage, painting, character development.”

Children, grades 1 through 12, are welcome to explore painting, drawing and design through charcoals, pastels and ink.

Kids can also learn the techniques of still-life drawing, Including how to show depth, proportion and balance. Art history is also introduced, so your child’s brain will be stimulated.

Bonnie Clearwater: “You see these kids concentrating, really working hard, using their critical thinking skills with the lessons that they’re learning.”

These experts say art is basically problem solving. So, each child applies their own skills to create their own masterpiece.

Bonnie Clearwater: “It’s very interesting to see. Even with the same assignment, each kid resolves it in a different way.”

The art teachers here at the academy say they love working with children because each one starts out as a blank canvas.

Instructor for mixed media, Natassia Loth: “They’re just so creative and expressive. They’re not afraid to tell you different things about their artwork.”

The academy want all kids in the community to have an opportunity to show off their talent, so they’re inviting kids to take part in a merit scholarship competition to win a free session at the summer art camp.

Bonnie Clearwater: “We want to make it possible for all children with talent or desire to achieve their dream.”

The competition takes place on April 26, and you do have to pre-register.


NSU Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale
Tel: (954) 525-5500

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