WSVN — Armando Pereda had a lot to live for. A beautiful girlfriend, a sweet young son and a mother who loved him very much.

Joy Pereda: "He was funny, good hearted, always smiling and laughing. I don't remember a time when he wasn't smiling. He just made you laugh."

But the laughter ended in 2008. It was the 4th of July weekend Armando was at a block party when two gangs showed up and got into a fight.

Detective Luis Rivera: "BSO got a 911 call for shots fired."

There were 100 people at the party but the gang members didnt care.

Detective Luis Rivera: "They were arguing over fireworks and the suspects in this case just shot indiscriminately into a crowded street on a Sunday evening. We had bullets that went through windows and cars and homes, and really it's a miracle that no one else was shot or killed."

Unfortunately 1 person was killed.

Detective Luis Rivera: "Deputies responded and found the victim lying in a pool of blood. He was pronounced dead at the scene."

Armonda's girlfriend called Joy and told her to rush to the scene, a witness saw her run up.

Joy Pereda: "He looked at me and he said 'Are you Armando's mother?' and I said 'Yes,'

and he told me he's passed. That's how we found out he died."

And to show you the quality of some of the people at the party. This fellow saw Armando dying; squatted down beside him and instead of helping, helped himself.

Detective Luis Rivera: "Took his keys. Took some of his clothing and even his jewelry."

Antoney Philippe was caught in the act convicted and sent to jail. But the killers got away.

Patrick Fraser: "60 shots were fired that night. Ballistics tests show they were the same guns that were used in some drive by shootings in 2007, and with so many people at the party you dont have to be a detective to know alot of people know the gunmen, but a lot of people are afraid to admit it."

Detective Luis Rivera: "We need someone out there who may have seen a shooter or has heard something, someone speak about it that's how cases start to unravel and this may be the case here."

A little boy lost his father and doesnt understand why.

Joy Pereda: "He did say to me the other day 'Nanny can't daddy come to my birthday party for just a few minutes? Can't he come?' and I don't know how to answer that question when he asked me that."

A mother lost her son.

Joy Pereda: "I promised my son two things when I put him in the ground. I promised him I would always take care of his son and that I would not stop fighting until I got him justice, and I'm not going to stop until my last breath on this earth."

A detective doesnt want to lose a case.

Detective Luis Rivera: "He was a father of a young boy only a year old when his life was cut short by a bunch of cowards."

Armando went to a party so did some gang members. Now they are home, partying with their friends Armandos family is devastated. The man who made them smile is gone. If you know anything about the gunmen who sprayed bullets all over the place on Northwest 5th Avenue in Pompano Beach on July 4th 2008 just call Crimestoppers and leave some names. No-one will ever know who made the call otherwise no one will ever know who killed Armando.

And if you lost a loved one and fear no-one rememers, give us a call to remind everyone you are still out for justice.


Broward Crime Stoppers: 954-493-TIPS

Out For Justice: 305-598-HELP (4357)

Miami-Dade or 954-796-HELP (4357) in Broward


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