WSVN — Keeping kids entertained is easy with "Doodle Jump."

This award-winning app is a hit with kids of all ages.

Jump the doodle from one platform to the next, blast baddies with noseballs.

The higher you go, the harder it gets.

"Once you play one game, you just have to keep playing until you beat your score."

Rated T for Totally Addictive.

After playing hard, kids always want a snack.

"iMunchies" is a virtual popcorn and peanut machine that will fake out friends and have them rolling in the floor.

Shake it up and reach right into your phone for a bite.

Eat all you want. With "iMunchies," there's never any need to count calories.

This next app makes learning fun.

"Teach Me: Kindergarten" gives young kids basic math, reading and spelling skills.

Virtual Teacher: "Good girl!"

Parents select the subject and difficulty level.

Virtual Teacher: "What's one plus six?"

The virtual teacher keeps kids engaged and ready to apply themselves when school starts again in the fall.


Doodle Jump*iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows


Teach Me: Kindergarten*iPhone

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