WSVN — We all know cars break down. "Repair Pal" auto repair expert gets help when you need it. With one-touch roadside assistance it uses the GPS to find a mechanic. And here's the best part, put in the make and model of your car and it will tell you if the price they want to charge for the repair is fair. Whether it's to fix the transmission or change the oil. Repair Pal also keeps track of your repair history so you'll know what maintenance needs to be done next.Here's a way to take the hassle out of your daily commute. "Beat the Traffic" tells you what's happening out on the road. Just put in your routes and the app sets up alerts for any traffic delays. Find out about road conditions and how long it will take you to get where you're going. Available in every state and Canada too.If you have an accident while you're out and about, our next app can help. "i-wrecked" auto accident assistant helps you out on the scene. Log the details of your accident and take unlimited pictures of the damage and the accident scene.Make an accident report and send it directly from the app to your insurance company. Accidents happen and i-wrecked makes sure you are appsolutely prepared.FOR MORE INFORMATION:RepairPal the Traffic Wrecked

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