WSVN — It's a kid's favorite time of the year: finding out if they got the gifts on their wish list.

Luca Roque: "A Wii-U, a Wii-U game."

But after all the presents are opened, it's time to write those thank you notes.

Luca Roque: "My grandmother would always write me a note if she didn't get her thank you note on time."

Jennifer is raising three boys. Since they were little, she's taught them to sit down and write a note for each gift they get.

Jennifer Quezada: "I think it's a nice touch to receive something in the mail as a thank you for the effort someone put in for giving a gift."

Ten-year old Luca says writing takes too long when he can simply send an e-mail.

Luca Roque: "Because I could just type in all the names and send them all at once."

So we asked a manners expert. Is an online thank you acceptable?

Thomas Farley: "No one was ever insulted in getting a thank you note, and yet no email was ever pinned to a refrigerator."

Thomas says an email is better than nothing, but taking the time to sit down and write a note of thanks shows you really appreciate what you've been given.

Thomas Farley: "Someone took a lot of time and energy into finding you the perfect present. You'll be remembered as the person who was the most gracious. "

Have the note cards and addresses out and ready to go. Also, set a time limit. Get them sent out within 48 hours.

But, he adds, better late than never.

Thomas Farley: "I'd rather see somebody send a thank you note a month late rather than not at all."

Fourteen-year old Sophie says she's not crazy about writing thank you notes.

Sophie DeRosa: "I would always put it off until the last minute."

Now she expresses her gratitude through a text.

Sophie DeRosa: "Sometimes some people don't even send a thank you at all, so at least it's something."

But Jennifer plans to stick to her tradition, and calls it an important lesson for her kids.

Jennifer Quezada: "Just like you have to practice saying thank you and hello and greetings, you need to practice showing your appreciation for things."

Thomas says, look at the bright side. If you send a thank you note you'll probably get another great gift next holiday season.


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