Bullying has become a huge problem in our schools and even online. It’s the cause of depression and suicidal thoughts in young people. Now a local group is taking a stand. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in today’s Parent to Parent.

WSVN — This dramatic re-enactment of a teen being bullied is meant to help others understand what it’s like to be a victim.

Diego Ramos: “We wanted to capture that moment, so that they could feel what it is that the victim is going through.”

The video posted on YouTube was created by a local youth group from the church La Casa del Senor. They started their own organization called, One Life, to bring the bullying epidemic to light and to empower their peers.

Nick Rodriguez: “We feel that One Life is something very precious, and if people try and destroy that it hurts us a lot.”

The group, ages 13 and up, has seen the effects of bullying in middle and high schools across South Florida.

Van Der Dijs: “I would see girls crying, girls depressed, suffering of anxieties, some even wanted to commit suicide.”

But most of them say those who witness bullying are too afraid to get involved.

Samantha Lumbi: “Mostly kids don’t do anything about it and don’t want to get into other people’s problems or anything.”

So, this group got together and decided to use their talents to produce videos, hoping to make a connection with others their age.

Nick Rodriguez: “We want to be able to be that person that they can trust, that they could call, that they could contact us and talk about what’s going on.”

One Life started their own Facebook page for those to voice their opinion or tell their story. They came up with a logo and made T-shirts to promote their anti-bullying campaign.

Luis Lumbi: “It’s great to see how they can make a difference in someone else’s life.”

The group says that’s the point of all their hard work. Get the message out that bullying is everyone’s problem, and it needs to stop now.

Diego Ramos: “As long as we’ve saved one life or helped one life that’s more than enough.”

One Life has applied to become a non-profit organization. They are also working on a hotline number for victims of bullying.


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