WSVN — You may have seen local police departments pulling people over and giving them money instead of tickets. Now they’ve gotten a huge boost, thanks to an anonymous donor from Coral Gables who has given $50,000 to multiple police agencies to help spread some holiday cheer. 7’s Rosh Lowe has the details in this edition of The Lowedown.

Maidelyn Caneda: "Oh, that is amazing. Honestly, I’m able to actually do something for [my son]. For them, for all of them, for Christmas."

We first met Maidelyn Caneda, a single mother of three, back in September. We profiled her story on The Lowedown. Miami Police were doing weekly checks of motels along Flagler Street when they found Maidelyn with her three small children and little food.

Instead of arresting her, Miami Police Officer James Bernat has helped, and that help hasn’t stopped.

Miami Police Officer James Bernat: "So I wanted to give you two gift certificates of $100 each for American Express."

Maidelyn Caneda: "Oh, wow!"

Where did these gift cards come from? An anonymous donor came forward and gave $50,000 worth of gift cards to Miami Police and to other agencies.

Last week on The Lowedown, we aired this story.

Miami Police Officer Frederica Burden: "Have a great Christmas."

Driver: "Oh, my God. Oh, my God. (laughs)"

Miami Police Officer Frederica Burden had the idea to use her own money to give to drivers. Boy, were they in for a surprise when they were stopped by the cops and given money instead of a ticket.

Miami Police Maj. Delrish Moss: "People started calling, but I think the most important call was an anonymous donor who called and gave us $50,000 in gift certificates, and not just our police department; he also gave them to a couple of other police departments. Another police department got another $50,000, another got $40,000, from the same anonymous donor. I think this is paying it forward on steroids."

So we are with Miami Police again as they bring joy to so many people.

Officer: "Here’s a gift certificate for $100 for you."

Driver: "Oh, my God."

Officer: "Merry Christmas."

Driver: "You just scared me. (laughs)"

Miami Police Sgt. Freddie Cruz (in Spanish): "Here’s a small gift from the Miami Police Department for you, sir."

Man (in Spanish): "Thank you."

Sgt. Freddie Cruz (in Spanish): "Merry Christmas."

Miami Police officer: "First of all, I love me a letter carrier, because my mother was a letter carrier, and she’s retired, but on behalf of the Miami Police Department, this is for you. It’s a gift certificate for $100. Merry Christmas."

Mail carrier: "Thank you."

It is a contagious ripple effect of kindness.

We bring it back to Maidelyn Caneda. One kind act of a Miami Police officer who will never give up. One amazing act by an anonymous donor has made this a Christmas that thousands will never forget.

Maidelyn Caneda (looking into camera): "I want to tell you thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I want to say God bless you and your family, and just thank you so much because there’s so many people out there that really, really need [help], and people like you are the reason we’re able to have what we have."

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