It's hard to describe a Russian literary masterpiece, but director Joe Wright gives it a go in his new epic, romance "Anna Karenina".Keira Knightley plays Anna. Jude Law plays her jilted husband in the movie there's…Shireen: "Passion."JUDE LAW: "Violence."I caught up with Mr. Breaking the law (cuz he's so cute) in Canada.Shireen: "Um, fabulous dancing" JUDE LAW: "Stillness."Shireen: "Unrequieted love."JUDE LAW: "Broken hearts."No, I wasn't wearing my Babushka, but I wanted to. Shireen: "Sex."JUDE LAW: "Ah, sensuality."Shireen: "Great dresses." JUDE LAW: "Great sets."Bored of my regular interviews: I just asked jude to play: Word charades. To describe the movie.     JUDE LAW: "Am I doing alright?"Shireen: "You're doing good, you're doing really wel."He's the actoooor. I'm just the reporteeeer.   Shireen: "Russia like uh, stuff." JUDE LAW: "That one wasn't good." JUDE LAW: "You get another go."Shireen: "Crazy women."JUDE LAW: "Dull men." Hmm.. dull maybe but there's nothing boring about "Anna Karenina." JUDE LAW: "That was like one of those psycho analytical."Shireen: "Yeah."I'm not the only thing disturbing, delightful and sinfully, decadent.Vodka anyone?

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