Anna Karenina – Joe Wright

As if we'd have it any other way. Making an epic movie, about an epic piece of literature is not easy. Joe Wright: "It was big production and it was kind of scary because we were talking a lot of risks with it, the entire endeavor seemed to be on a knife's edge."Director Joe Wright knows. He's done Pride & Prejudice, Atonement and now he's taken on the task of recreating "Leo Tolstoy's" Anna Karenina.  Getting the film off the ground was grueling. It took 4-evah.  Shireen: "Walking on the set the first day, after working on it for so long, what was that like for you?"Joe Wright: "Well, I think I had actually had about 28 cups of coffee. I was wired out of my mind and i was terrified."To get away from it all, joe like's a good holiday. He even likes Miami Beach. Except:Joe Wright: "I don't like getting naked."Shireen: "You don't?"Joe Wright: "I find it really awkward"Shireen: "It's like if you go to haulover beach"Joe Wright: "What?"Shireen: "Haulover beach is our nude beach."Joe Wright: "Oh is it?"Shireen: "Yeah, you just let it hang out."Joe Wright: "OK I find that uncomortable."Shireen: "Am I making you uncomfortable."Joe Wright: "A lil bit."I guess he doesn't realize, we don't all walk around naked. Not that I'm opposed to it. Shireen: "There's some nudity in the movie, though."Joe Wright: "No there's not."Shireen: "A lil bit."Joe Wright: "There's never nudity in my films."Shireen: "Uh, well, but some skin?"Joe Wright: "Some skin but not like nudity."Shireen: "How do we define nudity?"Joe Wright: "Genitals and such like.."Shireen: "Grabs her head. I love this interview! Joe Wright: "Oh."Shireen: "I have so much to ask you and there goes my time."Joe Wright: "Tell me about Miami."Shireen: "We were talking about Miami."Joe's interpretation of Anna Karenina is unusual because:Shireen: "It's theatre, that's about a movie, that's about a book?"Joe Wright: "It's in a world, within a world, within a world."Shireen: "It is…thank God, I'm so stressed out. I'm glad you explained that. you just have to go along for the ride." Shireen: 'Expect the unexpected. How am i doing talking FOR you?"Joe Wright: "Really, really, really good. I like when you just do all the talking and i just sit here."Yeah, anyway I found the movie extra-ordinary but Joe calls it: Joe Wright: "Ripe to the edge of rotten." Shireen: "Ripe to the edge of rotten?"Joe Wright: "Yeah."Shireen: "Is that a saying I don't know about?" Joe Wright: "No it's a definition of kitch. I thought the period and the time that these characters were living in were ripe to the edge of rotten, it's prior to the Russian revolution, things are about to change and there's a decadence, rather like Miami Ripe to the end of rotten" Shireen: "It is. Can I steal that? okay thank you and I'll just pretend i said it."Ripe to the edge of rotten sounds like a TV show, I know.