WSVN — Angelese Ladson loved sports.Gerard Ladson, Dad: "She loved basketball and football. Basketball was her passion."The mother of a 6-year-old girl loved her friends.Sharron Ladson, Mom: "She was a people person. She had lots of friends, lots and lots of friends."And of course Angelese, who was eight and a half months pregnant loved her mother and father.Gerard Ladson: "We spoke every single day, every single day. If I didn't call her because I was super busy on the job she would call me and like, 'Daddy, who do you think you are?'"Five months ago on June 26, Gerard got a phone call…that Angelese had been shot. He and Sharron rushed over.Gerard Ladson: "I grabbed her foot and they were doing the CPR."Sharron Ladson: "I just kept praying at the moment, God please don't take her away."But God did take her away.Detective Zellner: "The amount of blood and everything on scene was pretty dramatic for anyone to see."Angelese had been standing outside her boyfriend's Miami Gardens home when a four-door vehicle pulled up under this streetlight.Detective Zellner: "At least two to three black males exit the vehicle, and at least two are armed and fire rounds in their direction."Detective Zellner doesn't know who the killers are, but he is certain they were not targeting Angelese.Detective Zellner: There's no motive to go after Angelese never been in any trouble."The men didn't just kill a young woman, they murdered a pregnant mother who was so excited about a baby shower coming up that Saturday. Instead her family gathered that day to tell her goodbye.Sharron Ladson: "The same Saturday that we had a funeral was really supposed to be her baby shower.Her family buried Angelese and her unborn son, named after his father, Devon.Sharron Ladson: "We lost two people that day. We didn't lose just one."Patrick Fraser: "Who are the thugs who did it? Police dont know yet, but give detective Zellner credit. He is doing everything he can to put those men in jail, to lock up people who would shoot and kill an innocent pregnant mother."Detective Zellner: "We've interviewed a lot of people. I've traveled through the state of Florida interviewing people, but until I get that lead that can actually help me, it's going to be very difficult to solve this crime."One lead. One call. It wont bring two people back, but it will help two people.Gerard Ladson: "A day don't go by that I don't think about her."Sharron Ladson: "This person is still walking around as if he or she did nothing." Today Gerard and Sharron try to go on. Starting over, raising Angelese's little girl Zharia just like they raised Angelese.While detective Zellner moves on to try to find the people who murdered a mother and her unborn son.Detective Zellner: "Please reach out. Call crimestoppers give me that tip, give me that last piece of puzzle that I need-because I've put the puzzle together but I'm missing a couple of pieces." A couple of little things to help catch a few cowardly killers. If you have heard something about the murder of Angelese and her baby that night, even if you arrant sure if its completely accurate, give Miami-Dade Crimestoppers a call.And if you've lost a loved and want want people to keep looking for their killer, give us a call.FOR MORE INFORMATION:Out For Justice: 305-598-HELP(4357)Miami-Dade or 954-796-HELP (4357) in Broward

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