WSVN — Eleven years ago it was and still is, today, the most horrible moment in Miramar history.

Bill Guess, Miramar Police: "In my 26 years, I can classify this as the worst crime scene I have ever seen."

Inside this quiet home, a 2-year-old, a newborn in a crib, their mother and their grandmother murdered.

Danny Smith, Miramar Police: "It definitely was brutal and, like I said, it was three generations of a family that was brutally killed."

Alberthe Mardy got the phone call that day, and, to this day, it still takes her breath away.

Alberthe Mardy, sister: "I was out of it, to tell you the truth. By receiving that phone call saying, 'Your mother, your sister and your two little nieces died at once,' that was horrible. I was out of it completely."

Her mother had come to Miramar to help her sister Marie, who just had her second baby.

Alberthe Mardy: "A very caring mother. She was a caring mother and working at the same time. Working and caring mother."

But someone killed Marie Altidor and the people she loved.

Alberthe Mardy: "That's my question, everyday in life I'm asking myself why can somebody do such things like that."

That afternoon, George Altidor rushed home to find his wife, children and mother-in-law murdered.

He got sympathy that day but not today.

Alberthe Mardy: "We are very angry about him. First of all, the way he's behaving. His behavior toward the family is unacceptable."

It's not just a grieving family that feels suspicious. Cops gave Altidor a lie detector test to help clear himself; he failed.

Danny Smith: "He did take a polygraph years ago, prior to my handling of the case, and he was found to be deceptive in that polygraph."

At the crime scene, detectives found no sign of forced entry. Marie had let the killer in, or he had a key. The killer tried to alter the crime scene to make it look like a home invasion.

Danny Smith: "Somebody who may not be sophisticated in a criminal sense will say this is what I think a home invasion will look like, so that is the way we are going to stage."

As detectives dug deeper, they say they discovered Altidor had spent the previous night with his girlfriend. Detectives had several things they wanted to talk to Altidor about, but after he failed the polygraph test he shut up and has spent 11 years ignoring Miramar's cold case detectives.

Danny Smith: "To my knowledge, to this date, Mr. Altidor has not even contacted the Miramar Police Department."

To get away from suspicious neighbors and Marie's family, he married that girlfriend he was with the night before the murders and moved to Oklahoma, but detectives still have him in their sights.

Danny Smith: "George Altidor has not been eliminated as a suspect. He has not been, meaning, yes, he is still a suspect in this case."

Miramar detectives hope someone has the key to locking up the killer, whoever he is, and that person will make a call.

Danny Smith: "Whether they believe it to be important or not, sometimes it may seem not important to that particular person, but when an investigator can obtain that information, a lot of times it will spark something up and we will say, 'Hey, you know, that is something that we will probably look into.'"

Now a family has just one thing to look at. One headstone to remember so many family members, and Alberthe would like to look into the eyes of the killer and ask a question…

Alberthe Mardy: "I would ask that person why, I want to know why. Why did you do it? What did she do to you, and what did my little niece in her crib, what did she do wrong?"

Why? It's a question that torments a family and maybe you can answer it. If so, Miramar's cold case detectives would appreciate a call.

And if you fear a loved one has been forgotten, give us a call and let everyone see there are many detectives still out for justice.


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