It seems a bar isn’t just a bar anymore. Some new watering holes popping up in Miami are giving customers a little culture to go with their drinks. 7s Belkys Nerey shows us the new art bar trend.

Music is alive again right off Lincoln Road at the new art and music bar A.I.R.

Jeff Vaughan: “I’ve always wanted to combine art and music in a venue.”

The name A.I.R. stands for Artist In Residence which was a term used in New York back in the day.

Jeff Vaughan: “It was used to designate buildings that artists living in unconventional places like warehouse and commercial spaces. We’re trying to make this place appear like an artists is living here.”

Each week, there will be new art installations from various local artists along with different types of music.

Kris Wessel: “Some nights we’ll have a trio of jazz, other nights we could have a house DJ, so we’re going to be as diverse with the music program as we are with the art.”

Adding to the art theme there are craft tables for guests to get creative too.

Natalie Correa: “It’s like an artistic creative release. Let’s you escape into the music, as well as into an interactive art form.”

You won’t be a starving artist here.

Kris Wessel: “Really good bar food, fontina cheese fries, spicy, habanero chicken wings, rice paper wraps.”

Another place to sneak art into your night is the new ARTcade on South Beach.

Edison Farrow: “Artcade is an arcade, and an art gallery and a bar.”

Housed in an old art gallery on 12th Street, the art on the wall changes monthly and they’ll even let you draw something of your own to be hung on the wall, but let’s be honest, the real action here is the arcade games. Get your quarters ready.

Edison Farrow: “We have classic video games. Pac-man, Mrs. Pac-man, Galaga, Donkey Kong at 80’s prices, just 25 cents each.”

Marc Cameron: “This is great it’s like going back to college and cutting class.”

Add in some booze and a screen playing 80s music videos and your night is set.

Mary Soto: “The music is good because it takes you back a little bit.”

Katy Reynolds: “There’s nothing better than living your childhood dreams, playing games, but with a drink in your hand.”

Belkys Nerey: “ARTcade is open daily starting at 7 p.m. and closes when everyone’s gone. You can hear music at A.I.R Friday and Saturday nights.”



1661 Pennsylvania Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Operation: Thursday – Saturday



235 12th St.

Miami Beach, FL

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