Showering with a stranger is the least of Portia Nathan's problems.Especially when the uptight Princeton admissions counselor played by Tina Fey finds out the son she gave up for adoption wants to go to Princeton.Paul Rudd's character John Pressman and Portia are college buddies and he turns her onto Jeremiah.PAUL RUDD: "With Jeremiah, he's not your typical student and he excels in many areas and in other areas there's no way they would laugh at his application."Problem is the kid's grades aren't that great. So now Portia becomes one of those parents.TINA FEY: "She's watched so many parents loose their mind with the panic of trying to get their kids into princeton and then somehow finds herself in the same situation and she really goes crazy."OK getting into Princeton is hard — Something even harder? Getting admission to a Miami Beach club. So the stars gave deco their best advice on how to get admitted.TINA FEY: "Try to stand out fashion wise, everyone else is probably showing a lot of skin, maybe show up very covered up in like an old timey tuxedo and a top hat." PAUL RUDD: "Try to get into several clubs don't put all your eggs in just one club's basket, you don't want to have your heart set on one, there are many clubs in Miami and you'd really be selling yourself short if you don't open yourself up to enjoy the experiences on all of them because they all have something to offer."Well if you still can't get in — go watch the movie — it's worth the admission.

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