WSVN — When Anthony was 15-years-old he had sex with his 27-year-old aunt.

Patrick: "Who's idea was it?"

Anthony "Ah, both, mutual."

No one may have ever known that the aunt had sex with her young nephew, except she became pregnant and told Anthony's family he was the babies father.

Patrick "What did you think when you heard it?"

Sonya Crudup: "I was ready to kill her, very upset."

The aunt was Tosha Burton who was charged with unlawful sexual activity. She plead guilty to a felony, child abuse for having sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Sonya Crudup: "I blamed the adult. She was 27 at the time of this incident, and I think she took advantage of the situation."

Burton is currently serving four years probation, but she is not through with Anthony yet.

Anthony: "I received a letter in the mail saying that she was seeking child support, seeking help for child support from the child support agency."

True, the State of Florida is helping Tosha Burton try to get child support from Anthony infuriating his family.

Sonya Crudup: "I thought it was absolutely ridiculous that a minor, who was abused and victimized, was being placed on child support from the accused or the convicted, abuser."

Anthony is now over 18. A DNA test confirmed he is the father. He says even though he was a minor when the baby was conceived and born, as an adult he would be willing to help his aunt with their child if she asked.

Anthony: "OK, with me paying, helping her out I can do that, but I don't think it's fair for them to tell me how much I have to pay every month."

Patrick Fraser: "When we contacted Tosha Burton she told me she didn't want to talk about this the Florida Department of Revenue, which oversees child support she said because of confidentiality reasons they could not discuss the specifics of this case, but they added the law does allow them to collect child support even if the father was the victim of a sex crime. The state has no record of doing that before, but it seems clear they want to make Anthony the first sex crime victim to have to pay child support to his convicted abuser."

Sonya Crudup: "This is the most absurd that I've ever seen and for the State of Florida, and the child support office, to not even look at those issues. It's just, it's crazy, it is crazy."

When Anthony was 15 he looked at an older woman like most teen age boys. Today he doesn't want his face shown and wishes he had never been with his aunt.

Anthony: "I feel like I shouldn't have did it. I was young back then, so I was eager to do anything, but now I see, that it was wrong for me to do that back then. Now look where it has me right now."

And his situation is not getting any better, this week he got this letter from the state telling him they are now pursuing him in circuit court for child support, but Sonya has a message for the state, Anthony's going to fight it and she has a message for Tosha Burton, time to act like an adult.

Sonya Crudup: "You know, if you felt like you were the adult in this situation, and you wanted to have sex with a minor, shame on you for that, but take the responsibility on yourself, take care of the child, go on, move on."

Anthony would also like to move on with his life. Unfortunately, he has an aunt who he feels has left him Abused Again.

According to court records, Tosha Burton is also seeking child support from three other men.

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