A Place Beyond The Pines

Deep, dark & depressing the place beyond the pines — is a movie about I'm not really sure:Shireen: "If you had to ultimately say, "Hey Miami viewers go see this movie, what is it about?"Eva Mendes: "I would say, go see this film because of this incredible cast."Hmmm the story — a cop hunts a criminal Bradley Cooper's the cop – Ryan Gosling is the criminal. Their brief interaction — causes a domino effect of bad things. That's why I stick with scrabble.  RYAN GOSLING: "There are two shots fired in this entire movie. Then you feel the ripple effect of those shots in the entire film and the effect and consequences of those actions."Eva Mendes plays Ryan's baby mama in the movie more importantly — she was recently voted one of the prettiest women at every age by people magazine. EVA MENDES: "What does that mean?"Shireen: "I think it means you look good all the time."EVA MENDES: "That's nice."Shireen: "Do you react to stuff like that in hollywood or do you do your own thing?"EVA MENDES: "Of course you're thankful and it's so nice but you gotta like let it go the second you hear it. There will be one day when I will be off those lists. You have to think that way"Shireen: "Right."EVA MENDES: "That's just naturally what happens."Ryan, should have been voted sexiest man alive, but was bumped by his co-star RYAN GOSLING: "You put it out of our mind, you don't really think about it. that's crazy talk."Shireen: "Crazy talk?"RYAN GOSLING: "Hmm.."Shireen: "I like crazy talk."Apparently Ryan does watch Deco and has been to Miami. RYAN GOSLING: "All the manikans in Miami are different than regular manikans."Shireen: "They are because they. Have boobs and butts."I have to admit – uh, I was lost in the movie and my interviews were confusing, too. Shireen: "What's next for you?" EVA MENDES: "I was thinking about running for senate."Shireen: "Well, you've got my vote."EVA MENDES: "Thank you."I'm going to the place beyond the palm trees – cuz apparently, pine trees just aren't my thing.