"A Good Day to Die Hard" is for the action loving couples. If you like to see things blown up, shot up, and messed up this is your movie hold on tight cuz dying on Valentine's Day — has never been so romantic. And just to make you feel better, only bad guys bite the dust. Bruce Willis is back with a good day to die hard. Before we talked about the movie: He wanted to know if i was still working at: In film five of the franchise, bruce finds himself in the motherland. Shireen: "Good vodka there."hingBRUCE WILLIS: "In a "Good Day to Die Hard, I travel to Russia, to find my son that I haven't seen, that i'm estranged from, to see if he's okay."He doesn't just find him. He finds out his kid's a super spy danger will Robinson so, John McClane joins his junior accidentally on a top secret mission gone bad.This year, Bruce celbrates 25 years of dying hard. Shireen: "This franchise has had such success & longevity, people really like it. what do you attribute that to?"BRUCE WILLIS: "I think there is a pretty easy way to get into these characters, make mistakes. I think people can really relate to a father that just can't get out of the way, when it comes to his kids."Yeah, yeah story line, smory line. The action?Shireen: "The stunts are crazy."BRUCE WILLIS: "They're big aren't they."Shireen: "Big. I liked the one where you were driving on the cars..  it was crazy."BRUCE WILLIS: "The car scenes in this movie are enormous."Shireen: "Did you have one imparticular that you liked, liked seeing on screen?"BRUCE WILLIS: "I like the scene where we're in that big ballroom and the helicopter is chasing us. We had to jump out, fall through some scaffolding, and go down one of those big trash shoots."Peeps, go for the action, don't go for the romance: Just saying. This one's — for the boys — and making it?BRUCE WILLIS: "It was a crazy thing to do, and that's when the blood started to flow."

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