WSVN — Two people, two profound losses.

Bill Gallo – lost brother-in-law in 9/11: "When it happened you assumed that they got out, but it didn't happen."

Sue Rosenblum – lost son in 9/11: "It seems like yesterday and then it seems like a hundred years ago."

Sue Rosenblum lost her son Josh.

Sue Rosenblum: "At that point, I didn't know which building he was in. I didn't know what floor he was on, in my head I just kept saying run Josh, run, run."

Bill Gallo lost his brother-in-law William.

Bill Gallo: "When the first tower went down I was like, I just couldn't deal with it."

Both worked in the World Trade Center. The buildings collapsing permanently etched in their memories.

Sue rosenblum: "You just become numb."

In the years, since 9/11 both have found ways to deal with their loss. Sue threw herself into her work surprisingly, she says she was never really angry.

Sue Rosenblum: "I had tremendous sorrow and tremendous grief, but I never had the feeling of anger."

One year after the terror attacks, Bill a licensed pilot was asked to take part in a 9/11 memorial called Flight Across America.

Bill Gallo: "There would be a processional flight of aircraft that would bring flags from each state in the union to New York."

The most moving part of the trip when they flew over Ground Zero.

Bill Gallo: "This time when we went by there were no buildings, that was surrealistic, very surrealistic."

Sue thinks about Josh every day and the life he should have had. Her one wish for the future

Sue Rosenblum: "That I could change the thinking that would hopefully eradicate the prejudice and fear of other people and hatred."

Looking back, Bill says Flight Across America was the greatest honor of his life and on this 10 year anniversary of 9/11, he has just one message:

Bill Gallo: "Don't forget, don't become apathetic, don't let it be life as usual."

Because life as we learned 10 years ago in New York at the Pentagon and in a farm field in Pennsylvania, life can change in an instant.

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