8 oz. Burger and Smith & Wollensky

WSVN — Cheap eats are hard to find in South Beach, but there's a new neighborhood bar where you can bite into a gourmet burger for a bargain.

Shawn Olsen: "It's one of the best burgers we've ever had."

All the cool kids are flocking to 8 oz. Burger Bar on Alton Road and West Avenue with chef to the stars Govind Armstrong behind the menu. The food is still haute cuisine but at bar food prices.

Eric Fried: "It's by locals for locals. Our average priced burger is $9."

Their specialty is the 8 oz. burger.

Chef: "It comes with our special sauce, lettuce, pickles, onions, tomatoes."

There are also veggie, turkey and lamb burgers, or you can customize your own.

Eric: "We have a million toppings and a million sauces. They're all made in-house."

This is a place to have no shame, just bite into that juicy burger, but have your napkin handy.

Shawn: "There you go. That's good."

Jerry Olson: "My son and his friend called me and said they had the best burger they've ever had, so I drove down from West Palm, and this is the best burger I've ever tasted."

Other not-to-be-missed items, the fried chorizo stuffed olives and the grilled cheese short rib sandwich. 8 oz. closes late, so you can hang out, play pool or stare at one of the many TV screens.

Ivan Chorney: "You can spend a lot of time here. You can kick back, watch TV, watch your favorite sporting game."

If you want to upgrade to a steak, head over to Smith and Wollensky on South Beach. You'll also be upgrading the view. They just reopened their waterfront patio on Government Cut after a year of renovations.

Henry Delgado: "The people can see the brand new bar that we have, which is pretty happening tonight. Our second floor deck, which seats 90 people."

Just like other restaurants on the Beach, they're also offering a bailout menu, which features some of their signature items for less than $50.

Henry Delgado: "We have some steaks, some seafood on there, the portions are exactly the same as you would pay from regular menu."

If you can't afford the prime steak, their prime waterfront view is definitely worth splurging on a cocktail at happy hour. You can watch the sun go down and the cruise ships sail by.

Cindy Cooper: "This is really special to sit here and bask in the sun and watch the cruise ships and enjoy each other."

Gerry Leeseberg: "This is one of the most spectacular views in the world, when you think about it. I mean look at it."

Belkys Nerey: "Your best bet is to get to Smith and Wollensky an hour before sunset so you can snag a waterside table. The new second floor offers a great view too."


8 oz. Burger Bar1080 Alton Rd.Miami Beach, FL 33139(305) 397-8246

Smith & Wollensky1 Washington Ave.Miami Beach, FL 33139(305) 673-2800