(WSVN) - A South Florida surgeon has become a social media sensation, taking a doctor’s old-fashioned house calls to a new level. 7’s Karen Hensel introduces us to a star doc of TikTok in tonight’s 7 Spotlight.

Dr. Sina Joorabchi’s big personality shows the moment he enters a room.

Dr. Sina Joorabchi: “Hey, Marna, how are you? Good to see you.”

As an ear, nose, throat and facial plastic surgeon in Pembroke Pines, he spends his days up close and personal with his patients.

But he is also known to millions of others around the world on social media, where he is simply known as Dr. Sina.

Dr. Sina Joorabchi: “What I do is I basically take off my glove, and I just ball up my gown, put it in the glove, and I’m a basketball player naturally, so I’d like to shoot a basket, and I got 100,000 views.”

That shot in 2019 eventually launched this doc to the top of TikTok as not only a social media influencer but an educator.

Dr. Sina Joorabchi: “I think it’s having an understanding that you have a power to be an educator via the web, via the world.”

He has since posted videos explaining everything from ear tube surgery in children to the dangers of ear cotton swabs and five things he has surgically removed from noses.

Dr. Sina quickly racked up nearly two million TikTok followers.

Dr. Sina Joorabchi: “I don’t want to be that stuffy doctor. I want you to be able to come into this office and just feel comfortable and open up.”

It is clearly working. After watching his videos, patients have come here from across the country.

He even got the attention of a pro athlete.

Dr. Sina Joorabchi: “He basically opened up to me, saying that he’s lost his sense of smell, and so I basically sent him my instructional video on how to recover sense of smell.”

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, one of Dr. Sina’s videos, about no longer shaking hands, made it on CNN.

Many of his videos are funny, but behind the humor, they are teaching followers about serious medical issues.

Dr. Sina Joorabchi: “The World Health Organization reached out to us [about] the initiative of discussing vaccination, mask wearing, and they basically reached out to 20 or 30 TikTokers to kind of help. They’re reaching out to you because you started out on TikTok shooting baskets with your gloves, and here you are. Fast forward a year later, and you’re helping with a real health initiative.”

Dr. Sina is not just influencing patients but the next generation of doctors.

Dr. Sina Joorabchi: “I started to get some attention from college freshmen that were genuinely asking me, ‘You know, how do you do the surgery? How do you become a surgeon? What does it take? Do you have to have steady hands?’ And immediately, it was just very apparent that this is more than just a fun app, that you’re actually influencing the future doctors “

If you want to watch some of this doc on TikTok, click here.

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