(WSVN) - A South Florida man who has spent his whole life overcoming adversity is showing how determination and perseverance can help create a recipe for success. 7’s Kevin Ozebek shares his story in today’s 7 Spotlight.

Running a restaurant is a tough job for anyone. But for Jaharvis Frazier, it can be even harder.

Jaharvis Frazier, restaurant owner: “So it’s like some days it may be a little difficult. I just take a deep breath and keep on pushing. Like you just keep an open mind. You just try to find a way to adapt.”

Jaharvis has spent his entire life learning how to adapt.

At 2 years old, he was diagnosed with meningitis.

He lost both legs and his left arm, but he never let his disability stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Jaharvis Frazier: “I try not letting nothing weigh me down, so like, I just started to, you know, to do little things at home, to put things together. I learned a lot from my uncle, my aunts, my grandmas.”

And that led him to the kitchen, where he found his love for cooking.

You will find pictures of the family members who inspired Jaharvis on the walls of his new restaurant Grandma’s Kitchen in Coconut Creek.

Jaharvis Frazier: “Our two top sellers is catfish and fried ribs. We also have mac and cheese, candied yams, collard greens, baked beans, fried chicken, pork chops.”

Walk into grandma’s kitchen, and you’ll see Jaharvis either behind the counter or in the kitchen.

From taking orders, to cooking the food, if something needs to be done, Jaharvis will find a way.

Jaharvis Frazier: “I’m going to light the oven. What I do is I put the brick here, and then you got to get on the ground.”

He even has a method for breading these ribs.

Jaharvis Frazier: “I put it against the fryer, so like it don’t slide. Most days, like, I get covered in flour.”

Jaharvis works up to 15 hours a day.

Each day can present new challenges, but he overcomes them.

Jaharvis Frazier: “I look at every day just as a learning experience.”

Customers say all his effort has created some delicious results.

Brioncka Russell, customer: “You know, the food is amazing. The service is even better, family-oriented business. When you walk in, you get that grandma’s kitchen energy and that family love.

Jaharvis Frazier: “Thank you, appreciate it.”

With each customer that stops by, Jaharvis sees the impact he is making.

Jaharvis Frazier: “I feel like it validates I’m doing something right.”

And his hard work has helped him create the perfect recipe for success.

Kevin Ozebek, 7News.

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