(WSVN) - It is art inspired from half a world away. And here in South Florida, a unique workshop is giving students the chance to showcase their talent.

Karen Hensel has today’s 7 Spotlight.

These kids are not here to create viral videos or post on Instagram.

Carlos Aleman/teaches anime workshops: “This is their chance to disconnect from technology and social media and all that.”

What these artists are here for requires just a pad, pencil and a passion for anime.

Carlos Aleman: “Anime is just the Japanese term for animation. So they are very inspired by western comics. The way we love Japanese anime, they love Marvel and DC and all that.”

Carlos Aleman is an artist in his own right, creating these Asian-inspired paintings that burst with color.

Carlos Aleman: “Well, it’s not good enough Art Basel, so they say. There’s highbrow and there’s lowbrow and I’m just the regular guy. I’m not very sophisticated.”

A humble artist, who teaches the next generation twice a week inside the Sunrise Civic Center.

This is where kids and teens have an opportunity to share a unique South Florida experience.

Carlos Aleman: “I’m not aware of anyone else doing anything like this. There could be, but I’m not aware of it.”

We had a chance to watch as Carlos started drawing circles and lines on a white board. His work ultimately becoming quite the “character.”

The young, budding artists are clearly “drawn” to anime.

Ella/10-years old: “I like the language of Japanese and the storyline. Most of the storylines in anime, they’re pretty epic.”

Leia/11 years old: “I really like anime because of the story and the character designs. I watch a lot of anime and it like inspires me.”

Kayden/10 years old: “Art makes me feel so good sometimes. Like when I feel like really, really, really, really sad, I just draw something. I forgot all about it.”

Thirteen-year-old Dylainey has been coming to classes here for about six months.

Dylainey: “The Japanese style is more free. You’re allowed to do more of what you want it to look like.”

And that was clear as they held up their work , each looking different even though they were drawing the same character.

Sabrina/10 years old: “When I started, like I hated my drawings and now it’s like, really good. I like it.”

Carlos Aleman: “So if you’re a geek like me and many others, in Japan they’re called the Otakus, you don’t care what people think. You just go where your passion leads you.”

A passion that is now instilling confidence in these young artists.

Carlos Aleman: “It’s just amazing how good they get over time.”

Carlos Aleman’s anime workshops cost $12 per class.

Karen Hensel, 7News.

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