Serendipity 3 is declaring its independence from the usual drinks this 4th of July, they’ve got a few cocktails that would make the founding fathers belly up to the bar.

ANGEL: “The special 4th of July drinks are gonna be a white sangria, and we’re gonna have a frozen daiquiri lemonade.”

You’ll pledge allegiance to the tri-colored daiquiri lemonade.

ANGEL: “The daiquiri lemonade is gonna be made with blue curacao, lemonade fresh-squeezed and strawberry puree representing the blue white and red, red white and blue.”

Vodka and Triple sec give the lemonade its patriotic punch and the white sangria?

ANGEL: “The white sangria’s gonna be done with crisp pinto grigio from Italy with some peach liqueur cut strawberries fresh blueberries.”

Angel hasn’t forgotten the country’s younger citizens. Kids can kick back with a white chocolate frozen hot chocolate.

ANGEL: “It’s gonna be covered with raspberry sauce on top strawberry very fun red white and blue sprinkles.”

Over at De Rodriguez Cuba in the Hilton Bentley Hotel, a delectable threesome awaits you.

PEDRO: “One is sweet independence the other one is uncle sam’s sweet coconut glory and liquid fireworks.”

If old glory was made out of drinks, liquid fireworks would be the red.

Uncle Sam’s coconut glory the white, which leaves the aptly-named sweet independence as the blue. Pedro says you have to down the trio to be a true American.

PEDRO: “You gotta take the red white and blue one’s not enough two won’t even make it so gotta take all three.”

Pedro recommends hanging at De Rodriguez Cuba on the 4th to catch the rockets’ red clare in-between getting bombed, of course.

PEDRO: “One block to the left and you see the fireworks right from the beach, and then you come back here keep drinking.”

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