Police said a bicyclist and a homeless man have been killed by a driver who lost control of her vehicle.

The fatal accident happened early Thursday morning at the intersection of Broward Boulevard and Southwest Fifth Avenue, near Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Investigators said the driver of a Porsche was making a left on Fifth Avenue when she struck a bicyclist, dragged his body and tried to turn into a parking lot. That’s when the driver ran over a homeless man who was sleeping in the parking lot.

Witnesses said the driver tried to take off again, but the wheels kept spinning and the car would not move. They said the two bodies were stuck under the vehicle.

One man said he knew one of the victims and witnessed the accident, describing it as gruesome. “For some reason it was hard for her to get away with a friend of mine wrapped around her front wheel,” he said. “It was smoking some tires a bit, trying to get away and figured out she couldn’t go anywhere and just stopped.”

The man went on to say that the bicyclist was in his late 20s and lived in the area with his wife and kids. He said the homeless person in the parking lot was an older man.

Detectives said the female driver is in her 20s and may have been driving under the influence.

She has since been taken into custody where charges are pending.

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