Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen

It seems to be a myth that food that’s good for you either takes forever to make — or it tastes awful. Well Chris Van Vliet found a place where healthy fast food actually exists, and best of all, you get to make all of the decisions. It’s like you’re the chef … but you don’t have do any cooking. Or cleaning.

Grabbing a bite in Downtown Miami has gone global.

Customer: “It’s fresh, it’s healthy and really flavorful.”

Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen has brought a taste of the Mediterranean to the MIA.

Chef Daniel Ganen: “Zuuk is a fast, causal Mediterranean restaurant. By fast casual, we are serving something that is healthy and delicious, in a fast way with approachable prices.”

Here you get it healthy — and get it your way.

Camille Guzman: “The fast service is a big plus. We walk through the line, you pick what you want. It’s very customized.”

Start out by deciding if you want a roll, bowl or a salad.

Chef Daniel Ganen: “Our pita roll is like a pita wrap. We put all the ingredients in the middle and then we wrap it up. A salad — you get to choose from any of our lettuces. In a bowl, you get to choose your base. We have bulgur wheat or basmati rice or you can chose half and half grains and lettuce.”

Hope you aren’t indecisive — ’cause then you pick up to three of their dips, and they’ve got everything from hummus to seasoned feta.

Chef Daniel Ganen: “After you get to choose your proteins, we have chicken, beef, lamb kefte, seasonal veggies we change across the seasons and baked falafel.”

Baked falafel tastes just like traditional falafel — only, it’s better for you.

Chef Daniel Ganen: “Traditionally falafel is fried and we wanted to make sure we had something that was good and healthy and good for your heart, so we bake.”

And to top it off … top off your meal with jalapeño, onions, or pickled cabbage.

Chef Daniel Ganen: “We don’t have any limits, but we recommend up to 5 toppings for our bowl.”

And with all their sauces — getting sauced has a different meaning here.

Chef Daniel Ganen: “You can have a different bowl everyday and we have a lot of guests that come in three or five times a week.”

At Zuuk, filling up won’t drain your wallet.

The rolls, bowls, and salad cost less than $9.

Chef Daniel Ganen: “We want to have something that is approachable, that is healthy with great quality of ingredients.”


Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen
1250 South Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33130

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