WESTON, FLA. (WSVN) - - In these stressful times, it’d be great if we could all take a moment to “chill.”

Fortunately, the coolest party on wheels is now on a roll in South Florida.

Daniela is quite excited to turn 8 years old.

Daniela: “I like being a big girl.”

But what’s the fun of growing up during social distancing when what you wanted to do was…

Daniela: “Go to like a place where you can like hang out and have like, and have like parties and stuff?”

…If you don’t get a tricked-out party truck at the end of a full-on party parade!

This baby has everything! From socially-distant Icees, to a photo and boomerang booth.

Daniela: “There’s purple and red.”

Carlos Fierro owns Zombie Ice, which throws pull-up parties like this all across South Florida.

He said these past couple of months have been tough, but they’ve meant a whole lot more.

Carlos Fierro, owner of Zombie Ice: “It’s awesome. Their faces just light up. It’s beautiful.”

Carlos Fierro: “We understand what’s going on, and it’s hard, but how do you tell a child everything that we had planned for you, it’s not going to happen now.”

Jessica, Daniela’s mom, said she was planning on taking Daniela to the American Girl store, until she had to break the news.

Jessica: “Thinking that there’s not going to be anything on your birthday and then having, you know, all these people come and show their love and having the Zombie Ice truck come and making it special, this is just for her.”

Daniela came through with a ringing endorsement.

Daniela: “It was happy and exciting.”

Zombie Ice also has a photo booth where you can take photos.

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