Food halls are popping up all over South Florida. From Wynwood to Brickell, foodies are feasting on different delicacies all in one place. The granddaddy of all SoFlo food halls is back and ready to make a fresh mark on the culinary scene.

Yumbrella has opened its doors in Sunset Place.

Steve Simon, director of operations: “Yumbrella is a food hall concept but with a twist.”

That twist will make your experience easy-peasy.

No waiting in lines to order your meal. Just flip through the menu, and they’ll do the rest.

Steve Simon: “Instead of having counter service — where you go to a counter and order and have your food brought to the table — we actually give you a server, so you get full table service.”

Yumbrella is a new arrival to the food hall world, but once upon a time, it was the only game in town.

Steve Simon: “Yumbrella is a reimagining and revival of an original and probably the first food court in the country, which opened in the early ’70s, and they had seven unique restaurants under one roof.”

Seven continues to be Yumbrella’s lucky number.

These days, they’ve got seven counters serving up great stuff.

The reboot of Miami’s first-ever food court is a personal one.

Steve Simon: “My father actually operated three of the concepts inside the original Yumbrella.”

Prices have gone up a little bit since Yumbrella’s first go-round.

When’s the last time we could get a three-course Chinese meal for under a buck?

The Neegan Burger from Killer Melts gives you a big bang for your buck.

Steve Simon: “Stack two burger patties, and then we’ll top it with macaroni and cheese, and then drizzle it with cheese sauce on top of that, and then we’ll top it with some bacon.”

Go healthy with some terrifically tasty ceviche from Dr. Limon, or work on an order of Truffled Pepperoni Pizza Cheese Fries from Cracked.

Steve Simon: “Fries topped with cheese and pepperoni and truffle Parm. Aww, it’s amazing.”

You can dive into the Candied Cornflake Ice Cream Pie or outrageous chocolate shakes — two desserts supplied by The Beverly.

Creative cocktails come courtesy of The Tonic Bar.

At Yumbrella, you can relive good times or make some new ones.

Steve Simon: “There’s a good vibe in here. A lot of good people that work here, and the clientele’s amazing.”

Jerry Sanchez, customer: “The fact that they’ve come back after so long, I think is great. I mean, the food concept here is amazing, everything about this place. Back in Miami, Florida, baby.”


Yumbrella Food Hall
5701 Sunset Drive, Suite 194
South Miami, FL 33143

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