YouTube phenom Jojo Siwa and her mom watch the week’s craziest moments in ‘Celebrity Watch Party’

Not many 17-year-olds think it’s cool to party with their parents. Jojo Siwa isn’t your average teenager. She and her mom are jazzed to check out what’s happening on “Celebrity Watch Party.”

Jojo Siwa: “Let’s do it!”

Jojo Siwa is back on the couch and hanging with her mom, Jessalyn, for tonight’s all new episode of “Celebrity Watch Party.”

Jojo Siwa: “The shows for me are actually always a mystery.”

The YouTube phenom admits that she doesn’t watch much TV but gets her fill thanks to being on the show.

Jojo Siwa: “This show has actually been really good for me because I get caught up on my TV. We watch TV actually five hours at a time, so it’s a lot of TV to watch.”

She just spent her 17th birthday in quarantine, and Siwa has been keeping busy with several new projects.

Jojo Siwa: “I’ve been doing the backyard performances, and those have been so fun for me. I love doing them. They occupy so much of my time, but it’s all performing, so it’s awesome.”

She also released her new song “Nonstop,” along with the music video.

Jojo Siwa: “This song is really about how nothing can stop you from being who you are. It’s about how you are who you are, and you put on a show, and you live your life.”

While Jojo’s been piling on the work during lockdown, her time at home has given her a new perspective.

Jojo Siwa: “Even though we all had to stop what we were doing, it’s almost like we kind of had to slow down. It was like the Earth and the world being like ‘Slow down, like you’re going too crazy, like we’re focusing on the wrong things.'”

Catch Jojo and her mom viewing some of this week’s craziest TV moments on “Celebrity Watch Party” at 8 p.m.

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