Rapper’s mom made him return to airport to apologize to employees

(WSVN) - The saying, “Mama knows best,” is especially true for rapper Young Thug, whose mom made him return to the airport after he posted a video of himself arguing with Alaska Airlines employees, earlier this month.

According to Complex, earlier this month, Young Thug shared a video of himself arguing with two female Alaska Airlines employees at the airport in Atlanta. In the post he wrote, “THIS IS Y I RIDE SIGNATURE JETS. THEY TRYIN TO MAKE ME MISS MY SHOW!”

In the video, he went on to refer to the employees as “ants,” “peasants” and “bums,” and even offered them $15,000 to quit their jobs.

He also insulted the women’s hair by telling them they “look like Africans” that “got deported.” He even mentioned that he was “bigger than the law,” according to Complex.

So, as many moms around the world would do if they saw such a video, she immediately scolded her son and made him go back and apologize.

He documented his deed with an Instagram post as evidence. He captioned it, “When your mama make u go to the airport and apologize 😔😞 sorry love ones….”

Mama always knows best!

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