I knew I was destined to be a news anchor from a young age when I first saw Belkys Nerey on TV.

Some people are lucky that way.

Masha Michelle has been a musician since she was young.

I mean really young, and she’s ready to shake up the industry, but she’s talking to Deco first.

“Lie to Me” is her debut single.

She’s only 15, but she’s been working at music for a long time.

Masha Michelle: “I’ve always done it since I was 3. It’s always been like my comfort. Anytime I’m sad, anytime I’m nervous or if I want just time to pass, I’ll just sit down, and I’ll feel happy.”

Writing songs is Masha’s comfort zone.

Masha Michelle: “I express myself better when I write. I’m not really a talkative person.”

She definitely considers herself a pop artist.

The different sounds of Miami’s music scene have influenced Masha’s style.

Masha Michelle: “It’s a really multicultural city, and that’s why I feel a lot of music influences because so many people with different styles, different ideas come, and they create something.”

When it comes to particular artists who Masha admires, one lady tops the bill.

Ariana Grande got to her from the get-go.

Masha Michelle: “I first heard her song when I was 10 years old, and I fell in love instantly, her way of song, her performance.”

Masha was lucky enough to work with legendary Miami-based producer, Scott Storch.

Let’s just say she was deeply impressed.

Masha Michelle: “He is so, so talented. That’s all I can say, so talented, and I was in awe.”

Deco wanted to check out her chops as a live performer. She obliged, and we’re glad she did.

This talented teen knows what she wants to accomplish in the next few years.

Masha Michelle: “My dream is to be able to have a lot of people listen to my music, and my dream is to become an artist.”

Masha’s got brand new music coming our way.

Her new single “Fyed up” drops this weekend.

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