The water taxi is one of the coolest ways to check out Fort Lauderdale. YOT Bar & Kitchen is a hot, go-to destination in the 954, and now, the two are joining forces for an experience that will float your boat.

When the water taxi pulls into YOT Bar & Kitchen at the Lauderdale Marine Center, the party starts.

Mike Linder, YOT Bar & Kitchen: “So YOT, to me, another hidden gem — approachable, simple food, great food, great location.”

Greg Farley, Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi: “There’s nowhere else that you can go on the water taxi that looks like this or get this experience. I mean, we are literally in the middle of a mega-yacht marina.”

You may have cruised the New River on the taxi before, but you’ve never taken this ride.

Greg Farley: “But this is not part of the regular route. We offer this trip as an exclusive sunset destination.”

You can kick back and relax because you know what’s coming once you slip into the YOT marina.

Greg Farley: “We take their orders for food, for appetizers and for custom cocktails and beers, so as soon as we get here, the drinks are waiting for us, the food is waiting for us. They bring it out to the boat.”

Customer: “It’s very cool. It’s amazing that we have the opportunity to do this.”

You want to hang out on-board and dig into your order? No problem.

Feel like wandering around and soaking in your surroundings before the taxi shoves off? That’s cool, too.

Mike Linder: “They got a good half-hour to walk around, check out the marina, grab another drink at the bar and enjoy YOT.”

If you’re looking to eat light and eat right, welcome home.

The kale salad, miso-glazed farro island salmon and seared tuna will take care of that.

Feeling the need to indulge a little bit? Check this out.

Mike Linder: “We do a lobster roll. Fresh lobster steamed with some nice claw meat and a nice mixture on a nice brioche bun.”

Getting to YOT that’s easy.

Leaving YOT? Not so much.

Mike Linder: “Sometimes the water taxi leaves they lose some guests ’cause you got people that just want to hang out here.”

Gabriella, customer: “I actually come here probably about twice a week, and I always order the buratta salad, and it’s great. I love coming for happy hour, brunch, dinner.”


YOT Bar & Kitchen
2015 SW 20th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi

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