(WSVN) - Our definition of the good life? Having champagne and caviar served to you by a butler darling. Nothing but the best, even if that butler is a machine.

One Las Olas Restaurant provides a top-shelf dining experience thanks to a very stylish and very obliging Mr. Robot.

CAM the Caviar Butler is rolling out a meal to remember at YOLO in Fort Lauderdale.

Chef Miguel Casanova: “CAM is always ready to deliver a champagne and caviar service to any table.”

Why CAM you might be asking?

The name stands for Caviar Accoutrements Mobile Butler.

It’s Yolo’s latest move to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Chef Miguel Casanova: “We kick off the New Year’s with CAM. You’re always trying to do something new, so CAM is our latest feature. It’s a modern approach of a classic parry of champagne and caviar.”

Mr. Bot will come scooting over to your table with his top hat and bow tie, but he won’t be alone.

Chef Miguel Casanova: “CAM is always accompanied by a beautiful hostess.”

They’re bringing the good stuff and a few extras like Honey Truffle Chicken Tenders. They’re also part of the deal.

Chef Miguel Casanova: “Anybody come place an order for CAM and then we’re going to prepare the robot with the champagne, caviar, Beef Tartar Cones, and Crispy Tuna Rice Cakes. Caviar is the main guy, and the other ones are the friends.”

The Golden Osetra Caviar comes with a serving of mini pancakes and Manchego cheese foam. Open the mini bottles of Malay Shandong and unleash the bubbly because there’s plenty of both to go around.

Chef Miguel Casanova: “Normally serve two to four people depending on how many people we have at the table but you can always upgrade to a bigger size. CAM can handle it all.”

The whole process starts at $150.00. The food and drink are only part of your evening though.

Chef Miguel Casanova: “People are interested in new things, so I think we can deliver a different experience. It’s a fun introduction to caviar.”

Rose Aharonian: “The whole experience was great. It’s new, it’s different. You’ve never seen it anywhere. The caviar, the champagne, everything that comes with it.”

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