YachtLife connects customers with their dream boats, charters through their smartphones

Social distance in style! It can get kinda stuffy sitting at home, but hanging out with friends or family on a spacious yacht? That’s more like it. Captain Alex Miranda is charting the course for us tonight.

We live in the Sunshine State! We gotta take advantage of that, right?

There’s a yacht service based in the 305 that connects you with your dream boat, whether you’re looking to charter or buy.

Permission to come aboard!

Dang, Miami, you beautiful.

This exquisite trip from Miami Beach to downtown and Brickell Key is brought to you by YachtLife.

Patrick Curley, YachtLife: “At the core of it, we’re a yacht brokerage. We sell yachts, and we charter yachts. We just happen to have a really easy user interface, and it’s just in everyone’s pocket, anytime.”

It’s like booking a hotel room but for yachts.

YachtLife is in 25 countries with more than 1,000 yachts available to charter globally, but we rode on a stunning 70-foot Prestige called Helloooooo.

Half a day on this bad boy will run you roughly $4,000. Cha ching!

Patrick Curley: “It’s got three heads, master cabin, three staterooms. You have a beautiful flybridge.”

And room to spare! Now this kinda of social distancing we can get used to.

Patrick Curley: “The hospitality industry in is gonna be very hard hit. Yacht chartering by its very nature, though, is very private. You’re going with your group. You’re with people that you know. You’re never gonna have more than 13 people on a chartered yacht anywhere in the world. It’s just not allowed.”

Plus, the crew is top notch.

They quite literally rolled out the red carpet for us!

Once you’re on board, let the party begin!

Whether you wanna hang out with the group, or have some down time to yourself, there’s plenty of space for everyone.

Lana Zotova, customer: “I love the idea that you can only see your friends, be out, have fun, drink, party, whatever, have the best time, but still kind of social distancing.”

Reza Rahbaran, customer: “It’s a nice big, spacious environment. Being out on the ocean, on the water allows you to escape, for a short period of time, from the reality that we’re in right now.”

Whatever the situation may be, YachtLife aims to make these trips memorable.

Patrick Curley: “We really try and tailor every single charter to the customer’s goals and wants.”

Special thanks to the yacht owner and crew for being super cool to us.

Prices for chartering a yacht in Miami begin around $2,000 for half a day.

For more info on YachtLife, click on the link down below.



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