Coffee shops are a dime a dozen. It’s the coffee beans and how they’re roasted that make all the difference. A South Florida spot is roasting tasty cups of joe that’ll also make you feel good about your environmental footprint.

XO Espresso is spilling the beans inside South Beach’s Lincoln Eatery food hall.

David McLennan, XO Espresso: “XO Espresso Bar is a specialty coffee store here in Miami. We specialize in roasting our own coffee beans.”

They do that using the — shall we say, revolutionary — Bellwether coffee roaster.

David McLennan: “The Bellwether is the first and only ventless, emission-free coffee roaster in Florida, and in fact, there’s only a few around the world.”

The roasting process is more or less the same as any coffee shop, but the Bellwether is environmentally friendly in a big way.

David McLennan: “Traditional roasters emit gas and toxins back out into the environment, so what this does is it eliminates that. It converts all the bad toxins, CO2, and converts it so it doesn’t go back out into the atmosphere.”

So enjoy that cup of joe knowing you’re leaving a small eco-footprint. The machine is also super user-friendly — and educational.

David McLennan: “We can show them where their coffee came from, we can show them the tasting notes, a little bit about the farm.”

Elizabet Gillio: “I think it’s amazing, because for people who drink a lot of coffee like me, we can actually research what you’re having every day.”

And XO Espresso even has a new “Tip the Farmer” feature. Whoa, big spender over here.

David McLennan: “It enables the customers to actually financially contribute directly to the coffee farm where their green beans were grown.”

Espresso from the Bellwether can be added into one of the shop’s unique new latte wellness drinks — like Blue Butterfly, Purple Potato or beet lattes.

Lizann James, customer: “Since they started doing this one, it’s just one of the things I love now. It’s my new favorite. I come here almost every day. They’re reliable, they make a great coffee.”

Madison Miller (customer): “I thought it was really good, really strong. The espresso you can definitely taste in it, and I like espresso.”

Good coffee with a purpose. Your cup runneth over.

XO Espresso Bar
The Lincoln Eatery
723 Lincoln Lane N
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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