Deco loves parties. Last night, we were invited to a good one, with good wine, great food, and a bunch of beautiful people. One in particular.

So many parties in SoFlo, so little time.

Last night, Deco met Xenia Deli, aka the cover model for this month’s Venice Magazine.

Xenia Deli: "It’s the most amazing feeling ever. I see my pictures all around. This is what’s important for a model, to see myself everywhere."

Venice threw the pretty lady a pretty awesome party at Burlock Coast, the new restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Xenia Deli: "I wanted to be a teacher at school, and it’s totally different from modeling, but I got into modeling and I’m really enjoying my career."

The model found stardom with a little music video with over 600 million views on YouTube. You might have heard of it.

The beauty got hot and heavy with the Biebs, but says she wasn’t too nervous to film the steamy scenes.

Xenia Deli: "No, I wasn’t nervous. First when I got to audition, it was for me pretty nervous, but when I got the role, when I met Justin, he made everything so easy and so chill."

She says Justin isn’t a bad guy after all.

Xenia Deli: "No, he is not. He is totally normal."

Can’t say the same for Beliebers. Fans took to Xenia’s Instagram with mean comments.

Xenia Deli: "I start reading all the comments and being upset, but after, I decide not to read it anymore, because people always will hate me because they’re fans."

And hey, let them try to look this hot in a bikini. Speaking of, here’s some advice for beginning models.

Xenia Deli: "I think the most important thing for beginners, it’s just to be yourself, not try to act, not try to be someone else. Just be yourself."

As for her time in the 305, it was short and sweet.

Xenia Deli: "I had been in Miami for many times because I work here for my swimwear and lingerie clients. I enjoy Miami, but my favorite place is still L.A. That’s why I live there. Sorry, guys!"

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