Self-driving cars, drones, robot vacuums — sometimes it can feel like we’re living in the future. At one South Florida building, they have a robot keeping them safe. Deco’s checking out a machine with a mission: killing COVID-19.

The Paramount World Center in Miami is 60 stories of pure luxury.

Peggy Olin, One World Properties: “Tennis courts, two basketball courts, five different pools.”

Now residents are getting what could be the hottest amenity in town: a COVID-free environment.

Peggy Olin: “Xenex is a robot that uses UV lighting.”

Xenex: “Hi there, I’m light stripe, a germ-zapping robot from Xenex.”

That’s right, along with valet parking, a gym and a yoga deck, residents get a COVID-killing robot.

Peggy Olin: “If you can relate to R2-D2 back in the ‘Star Wars’ movies, basically the robot gets activated, it starts rising and basically it emits a light. All the light goes across the room, and that’s how the room gets disinfected.”

It’s not science fiction. UV light is used to sterilize hospitals.

This is the first time the technology is being used in a residential tower.

Stephen Watson, resident: “They actually use this to sanitize operating rooms, so when I found out I can actually use it in my unit, this level of technology, I was pretty happy.”

Dalek: “Exterminate! Annihilate, destroy!

Of course, killer robots kind of have a bad reputation, but this machine is only out to exterminate viruses.

Peggy Olin: “It gives you peace of mind as a resident that robots are cleaning in the gym, you clean everything out, in the morning you come in and use a germ-free environment.”

It’s a high-tech way to light up your life.

Peggy Olin: “We invite our residents to come downstairs and meet it.”


Paramount World Center
851 NE First Ave.
Miami, FL 33132

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