Wreck Bar dives into 1st co-ed burlesque show ‘Sirens & Sailors’

Most burlesque shows take place onstage, under the lights. Up in Fort lauderdale, the action goes down below the waterline. Deco’s own Aquaman, Chris Van Vliet, took a dive on the wild side and surfaced with all the details.

The Wreck Bar in Fort Lauderdale is famous for its underwater entertainment featuring mermaids and aquamen. They’ve never worked together before — until now.

The Wreck Bar at Fort Lauderdale’s B Ocean Resort has kicked off its latest underwater burlesque show.

Carlos Salazar, Wreck Bar: “Tonight we have a great opportunity to unveil a new addition to our repertoire of shows: ‘Sirens & Sailors.'”

The shows are usually either all-male or all-female. “Sirens & Sailors” marks the first time men and women have performed with each other at the legendary 954 landmark.

Carlos Salazar: “This is basically putting it all together, kind of putting a ribbon on the variety shows that we offer.”

The show really is the best of both worlds.

Josh (aka Tiburon): “We collaborated on two things we did, the mermaid show and the aquamen show, and we put them together and made pretty much a synchronized beautiful show.”

A lot of work went into the production.

Josh (aka “Tiburon”): “We had to train probably about six months before the show even started.”

Lesson number one was crucial to the show’s success.

Josh (aka “Tiburon”): “It was, let’s learn how to not drown.”

The performers aren’t just floating around down there.

“Amasan”: “We sort of play and interact in the water. Sometimes we tell a story, like when they’re searching for us and we capture them.”

Articles of clothing will be removed during the half-hour show — but don’t get the wrong idea. Underwater, it’s all class.

“Amasan”: “So this is more catered towards making it more sensual and making it a dance.”

There are two unique cocktails to enjoy and a few brand-new dishes on the menu.

Carlos Salazar: “Oyster shooters with kimchi sauce, and it’s paired with a beer. We also make a homemade pasta tagliatelle with lobster poached in butter.”

You even get to mingle with the performers after the gig. Whether you’re a siren or a sailor, there’s something for everybody at the Wreck Bar.

Lena, customer: “The show was great. I love the integration between the sailors and the sirens. Everything was so beautiful and bright, and I love the choreography.”

“Sirens & Sailors” goes down at the Wreck Bar Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. There’s a different show every week, so if you like what you see — and why wouldn’t you? — keep on going back.

Wreck Bar
B Ocean Resort
1140 Seabreeze Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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