(CNN) – Twiggy, the famous water-skiing squirrel, made a splash during her recent visit to Rochester, Minnesota, where she showcased her remarkable skills on the water. The adorable rodent took her skis for a spin, captivating audiences with her impressive water-based maneuvers.

Twiggy’s extraordinary journey began in 1978 when Chuck and Lou-Ann Best rescued her as a helpless baby.

After the unfortunate passing of Chuck Best, Lou-Ann took charge of Twiggy’s training and introduced stringent safety measures into their routine.

Emphasizing the importance of water safety, the charismatic squirrel has since donned a life jacket and become the official spokes-animal for the National Safe Boating Council’s “Wear It” campaign.

Having recently retired, Lou-Ann has passed on her expertise to the next generation. She has successfully trained eight squirrels to water ski, ensuring the legacy of high-flying, water-loving squirrels continues.

Her son has taken over the family business, carrying the torch of squirrel water-skiing entertainment.

Twiggy’s unwavering dedication to aquatic adventures is proof that she’s more than content to leave the acorns on land while she conquers the waves.

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