(WSVN) - Beyoncé once asked the timeless, although grammatically incorrect, question: Who run the world? Both Whitney Houston and Chaka Chan sang “I’m every woman.”

There’s a new picture-perfect spot from Chicago that’s opening soon in the 305. It’s all about celebrating and uplifting women, and Deco got a sneak peek.

Forget history, step into her-story!

It’s all about girl power at the brand new Womanish Exhibition in Wynwood.

Danyelle Gray, Girl Power: “Womanish is an experiential exhibit. It’s composed of 16 installations, all curated by female artists.”

Imagine a selfie museum but better. This colorful exhibit was created by sisters Danyelle and Dionna, and it’s got tons of cool set ups where you can snap cute pics.

Dionna Gray, Picture Perfect: “Kind of like a selfie heaven. You can come in here, get your flicks for Instagram.”

But there’s more than meets the eye because Womanish is also meant to be educational and empowering.

Danyelle Gray: “There’s a lot of different rooms that talk about a lot of different issues affecting women, like the gender pay gap.”

Dionna Gray: “We really wanted to take the time to make sure that when people stepped into Womanish, that they kind of forgot about everything that was going on outside and really had a really great, powerful, uplifting, fun, experience.”

Bright lights: check! Cute props? Duh! A little magic? You know it!

There’s a room for everyone at this museum and just like the name Womanish, the themes end in “ish” because…

Danyelle Gray: “Ish just really talks about how there’s so many facets of a woman, that you can’t be defined in one thing.”

Dionna Gray: “When you step in here, you’ll see a sign that says discover your “ish” because every single person will probably interpret and have a different feeling about the different things.”

In the mood for flower power and beauty? Sit down in the fleurish room.

Want to feel out of this world? Swing by spaced out-ish.

And don’t be fooled by the name, because the selfish room is all about self care.

Danyelle Gray: “We felt like the salon was kind of the place that women go to, to really feel like celebrated and excited.”

Speaking of celebrating, there’s also an affirmation mirror where you can write an encouraging note.

If you find a message that speaks to you, take it home!

The goal of the exhibition is for you to leave feeling like your best self.

Gabriela Medina, Confidence is Key: “Walking in here I felt confident in myself, in what I was wearing and I felt beautiful. I had a lot of fun. I came with friends, we took a lot of photos, just everything pops, all the colors. It was honestly a great time all around.”

Womanish opens on the Fourth of July.


Womanish Exhibition


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