With Ari’s Cakesicles, Ariadna Armas serves up sweet alternative to traditional cakes

Sharing is caring, but these days, sharing food is kinda taboo. Have no fear! Deco’s checking out a company that wants you to have your cake and eat it, too.

Festive dessert you don’t have to share? That takes the cake!

Ariadna Armas is the creative mastermind behind Ari’s Cakesicles, and she’s serving up a sweet alternative to a traditional cake.

Ariadna Armas, Ari’s Cakesicles: “Ari’s Cakesicles are the best option for your events, because they are practical cakes on a stick, beautifully decorated with the design of your preference.”

A cakesicle is kind of like a cake pop, but it comes in the shape of a popsicle, and you can get them in any color and fun design you want.

Ariadna Armas: “I can make anything with fondant, for example, a flamingo or a unicorn.”

Ari starts her cakesicles by baking a normal cake — in this case, a vanilla one.

Ariadna Armas: “I will add the butter, the sugar, eggs and flour.”

Once it’s out of the oven, she smashes it up, adds frosting and mixes everything together. Ari then adds the dough to a mold and then covers it in white chocolate.

Now comes the fun part: decorating!

Ariadna Armas: “I take the fondant — usually, I use the white — and I paint it with different colors.”

In this case, bright pink and black in honor of your favorite entertainment show. Now, just carve out two Ds, and voila: a Deco Drive cakesicle!

Cakesicles aren’t just fun. They’re practical, especially these days.

Ariadna Armas: “With a cakesicle, you have your own piece, individually beautiful, and it’s easy to carry on. It avoids the mess because it’s on a stick. It’s very convenient.”

Speaking of convenience, you can actually pick up your order directly from Ari.

Vanessa Fleitas, customer: “Ari’s Cakesicles are super easy to order online. It’s super easy to handle and give to other people.”

Ari’s Cakesicles

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