Wise Chips chooses Ms. Cheezious’ Mackin Melt for new snack taste

Everything is better with cheddar — and Swiss, and provolone. As you can tell, we are cray cray for cheese. Now the South Florida spot that put gourmet grilled cheese on the map has bagged a deal that will have snack food lovers going gaga for grilled cheese.

When it comes to ooey gooey goodness, Ms. Cheezious in Miami is the place to go.

Brian Mullins, Ms. Cheezious founder: “Ms. Cheezious is a fresh-made grilled cheese restaurant in Miami.”

Brian Mullins: “We took your old classic favorite, and we really took it to the next level.”

Now a popular chip company got “wise” to the grilled cheese greatness.

Brian Mullins: “Wise potato chips reached out to us. They are doing flavors inspired by food trucks. They picked two trucks, and Ms. Cheezious was one of them.”

The treat is a chip off the old Ms. Cheezious block.

Brian Mullins: “It was inspired by our Mackin Melt, and we work together to develop the flavor.”

The Mackin Melt sandwich is gouda mac n’ cheese with bacon on sourdough bread.

Carolina Monteiro, patron: “I think the chips taste are almost identical to the sandwich. Very creamy, tasty, cheesy – everything that comes with it.”

The Ms. Cheezious chips by Wise will be available for a limited time where Wise chips are sold — or you can go over to Ms. Cheezious.

Brian Mullins: “We will be selling our chips, giving away our chips, and using them in a sandwich.”

Sure, you can get the chips as a side, but it’s a sandwich shop, so they’re going between two slices of bread, too.

Brian Mullins: “We did a smoked brisket sandwich with aged cheddar cheese, peach harbanero BBQ sauce, and we are putting chips in the sandwich. It incorporates texture into the sandwich as well as flavor.”

The house-smoked brisket and the Mackin Melt are a match made in sandwich heaven.

Michael Hatten, patron: “The brisket is delicious, and the chips add that extra notch of flavor.”

The sandwich and the chips will be available starting May 13.

Brian Mullins: “I’m excited for people to see the Ms. Cheezious brand with the Ms. Cheezious logo, and if you turn the bag around, you can see me. My picture is on the back.”


Ms. Cheezious
7418 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33138
(305) 989-4019

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