Wisconsin-based chain Culver’s opens first South Florida location in Margate

When you think of Wisconsin, what comes to mind? For me, it’s dairy and yummy cheese! After all, people who live in Wisconsin are known as cheese heads. Now, one of Wisconsin’s tastiest exports has come south, and our taste buds couldn’t be happier.

Check out what’s moved into Margate. It’s Culver’s.

Eric Pierce, Culver’s: “We are known for our butter burgers and our fresh frozen custard. Those are our two biggest claims to fame.”

This Wisconsin-based chain has brought the flavors of the Midwest to the South — finally!

Eric Pierce: “Culver’s is currently up to 800 restaurants in 26 states. The Culver’s of Margate is the first one in South Florida.”

Amber Patrick, customer: “It’s a taste of home. I am originally from Wisconsin and transplanted down to Florida.”

At Culver’s, dairy reigns supreme

Eric Pierce: “Our Wisconsin cheese curds we’re very well known for. It’s kind of a new thing for Southeast Florida. A lot of people thought they were tater-tots initially when they would see them because they were golden nuggets of cheddar cheese.”

Dairy isn’t just fried and gooey. It comes cold and creamy, too.

Their frozen custard is what fro-yo wishes it could be.

Eric Pierce: “Fresh frozen custard is a really silky smooth ice cream. It’s made at a little higher temperature than ice cream. It’s not as icy, not as cold. While it’s frozen it’s a little different than ice cream in that it’s smoother and Velvetier.”

Custard can be made into shakes, sundaes and something they call concrete.

Eric Pierce: “Our concrete is just an ultra thick shake, if you will. It can be made to order. We always have chocolate and vanilla. We have a flavor of the day, and or any custom mixer you like.”

We are all for sides and shakes, but Culver’s has sandwiches too.

Their most famous: a butter burger. Don’t call the cardiologist so fast. It’s not what you think.

Eric Pierce: “We don’t cook a burger in butter. It’s called a butter burger because we toast and butter the crown of the bun, so when you bite into it you get that butter toast flavor we all like.”

While the food is fast, this definitely isn’t fast food.

Eric Pierce: “We make all of our food to order, so we don’t hold food. We don’t assemble food. Your burger doesn’t hit the grill until it’s ordered.”

So if you order at the drive-thru, you gotta pull up and wait for your meal to be made and brought to your car.

The same goes for the dining room. Sit back, relax and they bring it to your table.

Edson Viapree, customer: “I really, really like it. The food is really good, really fresh.”

Amber Patrick: “Good burgers, good food, the custard is fantastic.”


5510 W. Copans Road
Margate, FL 33063

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