They guessed, they baked, and now, one team has won it all! It’s a wrap on season one of Fox’s new show: “Crime Scene Kitchen,” but before we pack up the leftovers, it’s time to chat with the champs!

Host: “Confectionator 3000, please reveal the champions of ‘Crime Scene Kitchen.’ Luis and Natalie! Congratulations!”

Talk about a sweet ending! Dessert detective duo Luis and Natalie out-baked the competition and became the first winners of Fox’s “Crime Scene Kitchen!”

Luis Flores: “It feels amazing. I’ve never won anything before, so to win something like this, this massive, such something. It’s such a huge accomplishment.”

Natalie Collins-Fish: “So surreal, I feel like it hasn’t quite hit us yet. Probably in like a month we’ll be like, ‘Did that really happen?'”

That big win comes with a $100,000 grand prize and bragging rights.

Luis Flores: “Yeah, we got bragging rights now, we got trophies.”

Natalie Collins-Fish: “Which I feel like I’m more proud of. I feel like I’m more excited about being like, ‘Yeah, we won.'”

Luis Flores: “But, at least plans for the money, we’re planning on getting at least life a little situated, and then, we’re going to start working on getting our bakery up and running.”

“Crime Scene Kitchen” started off with 12 teams, including mother-daughter duo Carolyn and Caroline from right here in SoFlo!

We were rooting for ya, ladies, but Luis and Natalie came out on top thanks to their game plan.

Luis Flores: “Not to fully discuss what we thought it was in the Crime Scene Kitchen until we actually had time to sit down and talk in our baking kitchen.”

Both of them said they had a blast on the show, especially when special guests stopped by.

Luis Flores: “One of the like the funniest episodes we ever did was when Ken Jeong was there with us and watching the two of him and Joel together. I never laughed so hard at all of the episodes except for that one right there.”

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